• Wireless Broadband & Fiber Optic Technician Program

    New for 2014, APSi is launching its Wireless, Broadband and Fiber Optic Program in collaboration with a global Network and Cellular Integration Company.  Graduates from this program will earn industry certifications, wireless cellular installation training, Competent Climbers course and much more.  Best of all, the graduates will move from training immediately to employment!  Contact us today for enrollment and availability.

  • New Courses and Services for 2013!

    APSi is proud to announce several new courses for 2013.  We are introducing our new innovative curriculum that includes high demand training such as:  Technical Call Center Specialist, Wireless Tower Technician, Recruiting Specialist, Network Fiber Optics Technician, OSHA 10-30, Technical Customer Service/Sales and Construction courses.  We are also going to introduce student services that include: Job Resources, Employment Search, Tips, and Placement Options.

    New Courses and Services for 2013!
  • Workshops & Seminars

    APSi’s staff are industry experts who have years of experience working with professionals, teaching, training and leading them to success.  We have workshops and seminars for various topics such as: Unemployment, Finding jobs in 90-day, Technical Customer Service, Sales, Recruiting, Interviewing, Career Planning, Training Planning and more.  Give us a call for information or to book a speaker.

    Workshops & Seminars
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

    APSi is a authorized Workforce Investment Act (WIA) training provider.  We have developed specific programs that are “job ready” courses to help students become more employable after receiving APSi’s WIA training.  The WIA programs we offer are “WORK READY”.  Meaning, they are designed to get students re-trained, competent and build confidence to identify and obtain new employment or maximize career sustainability.  Call our WIA specialist today for more information or enrollment today.

    Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
  • OSHA & Safety Courses

    New for 2013, APSi is focusing more training programs in Health & Safety.  Commercial and government funded projects are focusing more on safety.   More projects are requiring personnel to have safety training and APSi can now help you.  We can provide our students with online, at your own pace Health & Safety programs that can be delivered in the classroom or in the field.  Our courses range from OSHA, Confined Space, Fall Protection to HAZWOPER Certifications.  Give us a call today!

    OSHA & Safety Courses
  • Telecommunications

    APSi was recognized as the first Broadband Fiber Optic program to receive government funding to assist workers gain new skills during the recent recession.  Since then, our broadband and telecommunication programs have evolved in to high end courses that will increase each graduates employability.  We are offering Wireless, Line & Antenna, Structured Cabling, Fiber Optics, Networking, Hardware and a host of new age skills to help graduates be “more” competitive after graduation.

  • APSi’s new online Courses

    APSi is now offering online training courses.  Through our partnership with 360training, SCTE, ETA and APSi, we are now able to offer online, blended and, at your own pace studies for key industries like; Technology, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Safety, Project Management and Construction.  In 2013, APSi will introduce its Cisco, Microsoft, CompTia, OSHA, Project Management, Healthcare, Real Estate and other key market online training courses.  Call today for more information.

    APSi’s new online Courses
  • APSi Training Courses

    At APSi students can expect “job based” outcomes.  Meaning, we deliver our programs to prepare each student for the real world.  Each program is packed full of study material, guides and workbooks, some courses offer mentoring and after study student services.

    APSi Training Courses
  • APSi Career Training Center

    APSi’s Career Training Center is a division of Alliant Personnel Solutions Inc. (APSi).  Our mission is to provide core skill development programs that are necessary to compete in a challenging economy. The training programs designed at APSi are innovative, entertaining and clearly defined to provide each student with the tools they need to become successful personally and professionally.

    APSi Career Training Center

                         Continued education for todays workforce professional.                                        ”People, Technology & Solutions”


new_program_buttonNew for 2014! Wireless Broadband & Fiber Technician Program.  Training & Employment for graduates.  CAll NOW before its too late.  

Check out all of APSI's Workforce Development Programs below

  • Certified Technical Customer Service
  • Call Center Training
  • Recruiter Training & development
  • Custom Certified Customer Services Courses
  • Certified Wireless Cellular & Fiber Optic Installer
  • Certified Broadband Premise Installer
  • Certified Fiber Optic Installer
  • Certified Broadband Fiber Optic Tech
  • Resume Writing
  • Career Coaching & Workshops
  • Graduate Assistance Programs
  • Custom workforce curriculum

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Types of Training Programs offered at APSI

  • Certifications

    Alltek Project Solutions & Integration, LLC (APSI) Business Training Center offers world class accredited training courses.  Each course will lead toward industry recognized certifications or credentials.

  • Blended Programs

    As part of the partnership between Alltek and Alliant Personnel Solutions, the new APSI is now offering blended training programs that will help each student achieve their goals in a classroom setting and online.  Our blended programs included mentoring, online login support and video based instruction to help the student become more comfortable with their studies.

  • Online Courses

    APSI has partnered with new educational powerhouses to offer more modern programs that lead to new employment or career advancement.  Our online courses, driven by 360training, are geared toward virtual learners who are eager to continue their education at their own pace, in the privacy of their own space and earn the same credential as if they attended the local community college.


Alltek TV

Listen to the CEO of LinkedIn discuss how important continued education is in todays society.  Stay tuned for more educational videos such as job skills tips, interviewing, resume development, and how to get employed in 90 days…

APSI Workforce Development Programs
Alltek Executive and Author Scott Coulter was recognized as Business Magazine Leader of the year in 2012 for his Workforce Development Programs that helped train over 500 student during the recession leading to employment and new careers in technology and fiber optics.  See the overview of APSi’s award winning workforce programs here.