We are usually asked about:

Are your courses legitimate?

Yes, our courses are legitimate.  Many of our programs are developed by our certified curriculum specialist and approved by globally recognized academic institutions and colleges.  Graduates may earn continued education credits, certification credentials and college credit for some courses.

Do I need experience to complete the class?

No.  We have entry level programs that do not require prior experience.  Our workforce development training classes are designed for entry level and experience learners.

Do you offer placement services for graduates?

Yes.  The founder of the company is a retired executive recruiter.  He has over 20 years of experience working with company and candidates assisting them both with placement services.  Our training programs were designed from a recruiters perspective and that is why our graduates have a high rate of placement success.

Where can I attend your training?

Our training programs are offered throughout the U.S.  We have partnered with Universities, Community Colleges and other Non Profit agencies to offer our programs.  Students can contact our headquarters and ask for the nearest training facility to see the schedule and course outline.

What other programs do you offer outside of Fiber Optics?

We provide Telecommunications, Information Technology, Customer Service, Call Center, Cellular and Custom Course Designs.

Do yo offer Workshops and Speaking Engagements?

Yes.  We have led speaking engagements on employment, training and employment.  We also offer workshops that include certifications.  Other “brown bag” training programs can be tailored toward your needs.

Can you accept WIA, Gi Bill or other Federal Funded Vouchers?

Yes.  We are approved to accept Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and GI Bill vouchers.

Do you offer any other financing?

We can set up special financing for students who qualify.  Some down payment may be required based on credit approval.

How are your courses priced?

Our courses are priced well within market value.  In most cases, students find our prices 15-20% below our competitors.  Ask your representative about discounts for groups, teams or veterans.

Can I use your courses for internal incentive programs?

Many companies and organizations have approached us to set up internal incentive programs for their employees.  Contact us for more information and a free assessment.

Didn’t find the answer?

If you didn’t see your answer listed above, please contact us for specific questions you may have.  One of our representatives will help you find the answer you need.  We hope to hear from you soon.

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Great program and great teacher.  I took one of the APSi classes at Chattanooga State.  My instructor was great.  Drew was able to teach me how to learn new skills.  I was nervous because I haven't taken a class in a long time but he was able to show me how to use the material in the field.  We were even allowed to meet with actual workers doing fiber optic work out side the classroom.  I was amazed how much I learned within two weeks.  I graduated with both certificates and found employment within a short period after the class.  Drew was great and the class we exactly what I needed at the time.  Thanks APSi and Chattanooga State for offering this program in our area.
A. Urlenchier
I learned about APSi through the Urban League.  I was informed of a new program that was helping people in transition get new skills.  I met with James and Scott and found out about the program.  Scott was able to explain to me that I could learn a new skills when he spoke to the group.  I decided to take a chance and sign up.  I am thankful that I did.  I received my credentials after graduating from the class and was offered a job at a major power company installing fiber optic cables.  I was able to move to a new city, get a new job and use the skills I earned in his course.  I recommend this program to anyone looking for a new opportunity.
T. Sanchez
My wife informed me that her co-workers husband owned a training company.  I was recently laid off and and thought I would give him a call.  After about 40 minutes, I was enrolled in a Broadband Course.  This course was amazing.  I learned all about fiber optics and installing broadband systems. APSi helped me get a job with a local cable company and I have been there since 2010.  I recommend APSi to anyone looking for great training programs that help you find employment quickly.
D. Davis

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