With the increasing convergence of services like, voice, data and video, the technicians that install and maintain the cable the services run on have to understand the technology that is being provided.  This involves a lot more training and certifications required to become a successful telecommunication cabling technician.  If you were to look into employment as a technician with any of the bigger providers like Verizon or Comcast, you will see their minimal requirements are starting to evolve into a much broader area of the field.

With that said, it probably won’t be long before some IT certification like CompTIA Network+ will be of significant value to a new technician looking for work with a CATV company or a seasoned technician looking for promotion.    Convergence of voice, data, and video requires a converged cabling technician, now called a Triple Play technician.  For a good triple play technician to gain a competitive edge when applying for a position, IT certifications like CompTIA, and Cisco will show employers that you have the well rounded knowledge required to be a Triple Play technician.

David Moore, Training Director