Student Services

APSi is well known for being a beacon of hope for professionals who are looking for new age career opportunities.  Our staff have well over 50 years of educational, business, military, staffing/recruiting and technology training experience.  We have a success record for developing skills, impacting local communities and developing future leaders and entrepreneurs from our programs.

We offer easily accessible professional development programs and services for students who choose APSi’s Workforce Development Courses.  Our goal is to continue serving each student after graduation to ensure their ability to apply their new learned skills in the actual work environment.

Career Assessment and Occupational Plans

APSi offers a Career Planning Workshop for students who are interested in understanding how to maximize their new skills over the course of a career.

  • Develop an actual Occupational Plan that outlines each step in education, work experience and professional growth.
  • Work with certified recruiters who are trained to identify unknown workforce skills using the proprietary “Compliance Wheel” methodology.

Student Placement Services

APSi was founded by a successful recruiter who was fed up with meeting great candidates who didn’t have access to the necessary training skills to obtain open jobs in high demand markets.  He decided many years ago that he would develop the right training organization that would combine industry training expertise with proper student services that would prepare graduates for the “REAL” world after training.  During the height of the recession, APSi’s CEO was recognized for having one of the most successful vocational training programs in the country.

Student Services is the most important part of the training and it is the educators responsibility to make sure that every graduate is prepared for success.   Our staff is dedicated to working with the graduates to help overcome some of the common mistakes made by job seekers who are excited, eager and aggressively seeking new opportunities.  Your transition after graduation can be the determining factor of your long-term success and we want to help make that transition as seamless as possible.

Most of our Workforce Training Programs include many of our student services.  All students who attend any APSi Workforce Training Program can request additional services to help with transitioning with new skills.  We offer unique services such as:

  • Compliance Wheel Career Assessments
  • Resume review and distribution plans
  • Interview Tips, Coaching and Videos
  • Job Search Tips, Employment Plan Training and Customer Service Training
  • Cold Calling
  • Job Mapping
  • Training Plans
  • Job Search Budgeting
  • Access to employment resources

APSi’s Get Hired in 90 days Curriculum

APSi’s CEO Scott Coulter has been in the personnel business for well over 20 years.  He has been successful at every level, beginning in the United States Army and in to his civilian career in staffing.  Over the years, Scott has been recognized for being innovative and creating programs that not only provide skills training but understanding how to utilize the new skills in the workforce.

Over the past 5 years, Scott has been teaching a unique method to finding employment in workshops and speaking engagements throughout the Southeast.  The results were successful.  He eventually developed the curriculum and published the workbook called, The Little Black Book for Employment, The Recruiters Guide to Finding Employment in 90-days”.  This curriculum contributed to APSi having one of the most successful workforce programs during the height of the recession.

In 2012, Scott was recognized by Business Leader Magazine as Leader of the Year for his innovative program that produced employed students in Tennessee, South Carolina, Connecticut, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina.  Part of the success was the dynamic program he designed, but the employment skills and student services provided to its graduates is what helped the students earn long-term careers.

Today, the curriculum is part of every Workforce Development Program offered at APSi.  Every student will receive the workbook, worksheets, instructor led delivery and receive the certification at completion.  For more information on the course, Scott Coulter and additional workshops click here.

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