Seminars & Workshops

APSi training staff have been providing workforce training programs for over 20 years.  Our team understands corporate and professional workforce continued education needs.  Today, many professionals are required to stay up-to-date with skills that focus on industry trends.  Our vast list of business class training courses, along with our technical workshops offer corporate clients the ability to be flexible in offering training programs to its employees.
Our delivery methods range from lunch time “Brown Bag” training to weekend long workshops.  In either format, employees gain new skills, updated certifications and in some cases, students can receive continued education credits.

The APSi Seminars and Workshops are ideal for small and large businesses alike.  Smaller companies can take advantage of the competitive pricing for world class courses, while large firms take advantage of group rate pricing for large team of employees.  No matter the size of your company, APSi can establish the perfect workshop to fit your needs.

APSi’s Seminars and Workshops are designed to engage the audience while delivering the topics.  These are high reward business courses designed to impact your team and meet your strategic training objectives.   Let APSi assist you with getting your team over the skills gap and in to the next level of business performance.
Technical Topics
Organizations who looking for technical certifications to meet the needs of short term projects can look no further.  APSi has technical workshops that range from Fiber Optics, Connectors, Splicing, Coax Cable to other topics like Networking, Routers and Wireless technology.  Many of our technical workshops lead toward continue education credits or allow participants the opportunity to sit in for accredited examination.  Check with the APSi representative for more information and scheduling.


Workforce Professional and Non-Technical Workshops

For Profit and Non-Profit organizations continuously seek APSi for workforce seminars.  We have some of the best instructors in professional development, career coaching and vocational training selection.  Our proprietary curriculum has been proven over the years to increase employment obtainment and set individuals on track to succeed in their perspective careers.  Some of the workforce topics include:

Employment (Finding a job in 90-days by Recruiting Executive and Author Scott A. Coulter)
• Working with Recruiters
• Developing a sustainable career
• Career Mapping
• Training Mapping
• Resume management
• Certifications, credentials and Continued Education Credits
• Unleashing the greatness in your career today
• Technical Customer Service
• Becoming a Recruiter (Recruiting Introduction and Tips)

Contact an APSi representative for more information, scheduling and request.

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