Proven Methodologies

Every training organization in the world should take in consideration that todays learner is different than the student enrolling in programs 5 years ago.  The insurgence of technology and broadband internet capabilities have moved education to new heights.  Now, the mother of two can compete with the rest of the world because she can work during the day and student when she can in the evenings.  This new capability will develop more professionals in areas of high demand.

APSi has committed its programs to accommodating all types of academic learners.  Our courses range from:

  • Instructor Led (Classroom based programs):  Traditional Classroom courses 
  • Blended Courses:  Course offerings that come with multiple course delivery
  • Online Instructor Led:  Classes offered online with a live instructor or mentor
  • Online Anytime Courses:  Classes offered online at your own pace
  • Online Anytime Course with Mentor Based Support (MBS): Study at your own pace with the security of having a mentor help you through the course.

If you are seeking globally recognized course curriculum and a true work readiness experience, APSi is the organization for you.

APSi’s Training Staff are individuals who have spent years developing personnel and their careers.  Each instructor is committed to understanding every students strengths and weaknesses.  We know that everyone learns at a different pace, therefore we have changed our philosophy to ensure that every graduate takes away all the necessary tools to be successful in the workplace.

Our blended methods of training offer the students the ability to choose the best training method for their schedule.  Meaning, we are flexible and sensitive to the challenges many working professionals face as they try to advance their careers and personal education.

Our Innovative training courses
APSi has always been innovative when it comes to training.  We were the very first organization to introduce blended training programs in Fiber Optics and Broadband Cabling.  This innovative foundation gives our students and instructors the ability to research the actual job needs of the community and develop training delivery methods that result in job placement or advancement.  The CEO of APSi has a successful recruiting background working with hiring managers around the globe.  He has spent his entire career assessing the skills gap in America and has devoted his life to developing the right programs that individuals, communities and corporations can depend upon to help lead America back to the front of a global workforce.
APSi innovative online courses.  APSi has developed partnerships with organizations around the world to deliver accredited programs for students who are interested in online education.  These courses are driven by Learning Management Systems offered by our online training partner.
APSi’s anytime online courses are convenient, easy to learn, delivered on all learning levels and lead toward certifications and/or globally recognized credentials.  With a course catalog of over 2,000 courses, APSi can assist individuals looking to expand their expertise, as well as the corporation who is looking to develop its company.
Students who attend APSi’s training courses receive interactive programs filled with the latest technology and up-to-date material.  Our library of support documents and research resources allow students the ability to look up additional material that will assist them in their efforts to obtain their certifications.
Students who complete the courses at APSi will earn globally recognized certificates from some of the world leaders in education.  Certificates and credentials can be obtained by graduates from world leaders such as Cisco, Microsoft, ETA, SCTE, CompTia, OSHA and others.  Contact a APSi representative for more information.

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