Workforce / Vocational Training

Many professionals fail to realize that obtaining and maintaining employment goes beyond meeting the needs of the employer.  Most of the long-term jobs demand some type of continued education and in some cases it requires certifications and credentials to stay competitive.  APSi’s Workforce & Vocational Training Programs are designed to prepared each student to partake and receive the necessary license and certifications to excel in todays workforce.  We offer continued education courses that lead to globally recognized exams in high demand areas such as Telecommunications, Information Technology, Healthcare, Construction Trades, Biotechnology, Safety and Customer Service related fields.  Our graduates are prepared throughout out our vocational courses to earn employment or grow within their perspective career fields within a short period of time.

Our classes are:
• Instructor Led
• Online
• Blended Delivery
• Globally recognized credentials & certifications
• Designed for all learning types
• Many come with mentor options

Corporate Training Programs

To stay competitive in a fast pace industry, companies “MUST” focus on internal and external business professional development.  Meaning, organizations who are not focusing on training their personnel to close the skills gap are getting left behind.  Companies are beginning to see the value of continued adult education for its employees.  They are getting the training and certifications to catapult them to the top of their industry.  APSi’s Corporate Training Programs consist of course curriculum, blended training, workshops, seminars and online offerings.  No matter if the company is large or even small start ups, we can customize our training delivery to improve the experience and enhance the outcomes for every learning style.  Our corporate programs can help you with micro and macro training needs so you can concentrate more on your core competencies.

We offer: 
• Workshops
• Seminars
• Brown Bag Lunch Training
• Group online courses (Ask about group discounts for large classes)
• Variety of industries such as; IT, Telecom, Customer Service, Healthcare, Human Resources, Hazwoper, Safety and Construction

Custom Training Programs

In conjunction with the existing training programs, our teams are experienced curriculum developers who can customize a course or program to meet your specific needs.  No two environments are alike and no two projects share the same needs.  What separates us from the others is the ability to assess their needs, develop a outline and deliver a program that their staff are proud to receive and each client will recognized. 

When you pair custom training with experienced recruiting expertise, you receive a solution that is very difficult to duplicate.  That is why APSi has been recognized for its innovative training programs that impact projects directly and indirectly.  

We customize training to accommodate: 

• Busy schedules with field rotations
• Specific project needs
• Development of internal and subcontractor staff
• Hosted on-site and Field site training 
• Non-Technical customer service, leadership and sales based training programs

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